Monday, August 18

Never mix your coloreds with your whites

Everyone knows that.

That is like saying your are the atomic bomb for peace, or you are an Oreo cookie for the prevention of obesity, or you the Sun for the prevention of skin cancer, or you are Rick Moore for being a compassionate conservative (couldn't resist).

The best part of this photo is that Sponge Bob (a known fagula and black jew lover) is playing on the TV in the background (or is that a poster?). The second best part of the photo is the fellow with the shot gun. As everyone know, the most effective way to get your message of tolerance and understanding across is through the barrel of a gun, Arnica always says.

Best fake picture Arnica has seen in a while. Good job, you fake KKK picture making, dude.

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House of Brat said...

Where did you find that picture?