Thursday, October 9

Who is Jean, and why did he love her?

Arnica loves him some pre-Back in Black AC/DC*. Arnica has at least two copies of every album released in the US and even has two Australian imports.

Yup, Arnica loves him some AC/DC. Arnica can trace his lack of ability to play the guitar directly to these guys. Back when Arnica was lad, he would play AC/DC albums, and sit on the edge of his bed and try to copy the licks and riffs.** If you have ever heard Arnica play, you know Arnica failed. But just the same, every lick Arnica plays, got the germ of it's beginnings from AC/DC.

Here is a rare song from the boys from down under. It is from a 1975 Australian album and it is the band's only attempt at a power love balled. As you suffer through it, you will see why they didn't pursue this genre much further. The song is Love Song.

Tell Arnica what you think.

*What is an AC/DC? Well, first,Welcome to America. AC/DC is a band formed over 30 years ago, started in Australia and still going strong. They started as a punk/blues/rock band and eventually became one of the biggest bands, ever. Their original singer died and their new singer sounds like a chain saw with throat polyps.

**Again, Welcome to America. A lick or a riff is just a collection of noise that make an interesting musical passage; like the opening lick of "Highway to Hell." But, you are not from here so you would not know that song. Never mind.


Anonymous said...

I first let a guy get to third base to the music of AC/DC. Thunderstruck.

PS. I think I love you.

Arnica Montana said...

Well, sir. that is great.