Sunday, October 12

Your bigotry is showing

We truly have one fucked up situation happening right now, and an election ain't gonna fix nuttin. Yelling at each other, though very cathartic, ain't gonna fix it either. We got a divide wider than Pamela Anderson's twat happening in this country and it ain't healthy (neither is Pam's cum canyon).

Arnica has a cousin in Wichita with whom he has been yelling back and forth by way of email for the past two months. Anica's cousin is mondo not so Obama friendly, and has lots of quasi-factual ammo he likes to lob at Arnica to prove his various points. Arnica fights back but he doesn't think any of his punches are landing and is losing interest in the fight. Arnica is losing interest in the battle, not the war (if that makes any sense). The more Arnica yells, the more his cousin yells, the more nobody listens.

Anyway, the point is, Arnica is tired of this. He is tired of the yelling and screaming and name calling we, as a country, have been doing to each other. It can't be good. Both sides can't be right, or can they? Arnica believes there is not two sides to every story, but twelve or twenty sides to every story. Are any of them right? Are all of them right? We have to figure that out if we are going to move forward. Or, are we going to move forward?

There are some really fucked up ideas out there and some really bad shit going down. All of it is beyond Arnica and his fun time snarky blog. Tits, Ass, Farts. Oh Ya!

Good night.

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