Friday, December 12

Arnica takes it back

Arnica is wr wr wr. Let's try this again. Arnica was wrrr wrro. It's too hard.

A few days ago, Arnica called June Carter, homely. He should have been more clear. Forty year old Jun Carter is homely. Twenty something June Carter is southern drawl hot.

Here she is on the Grand Ole Opery.

Nice one, Johnny.

Arnica is on a big Carter Family kick right now because he is attempting to record a Carter Family song, Worried Man Blues, and is doing "research." Arnica plans to record in the style of the Kingston Trio, who did a version in 1959. Arnica's recording will have lots of guitars and some synthesisers and stuff. It should be fun.

Here is the trio's version. Their lyrics are more fun than the Carter Family's. Theirs is about cheating lovers. The Carter Family version is more about slavery and freedom (yawn).

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