Saturday, December 13

Pappa Bear was bleeped

Mentioning Bill O'Reilly in the same sentence as sweet leaf will get you bleeped.

Mentioning that you have a stinky sack and that you want your gal to poke her nose in it, will get you slapped. Just thought you should know.

From Jason Linkins' blog on the HuffingtonPost:
(O)n the December 10, edition, Red Eye's Greg Gutfield had High Times executive editor David Bienenstock on the show to talk about his magazine's latest offering, The Official Pot Smokers Handbook. Naturally, a delightful discussion followed! (Seriously! Bienenstock is CRAZY quick-witted.) And during the chataround, one of the people on the Red Eye panel quipped, "You know, Bill O'Reilly does not like it when you get into his personal stash." Only when the episode aired, the mention of O'Reilly's name was been bleeped out.
The question, of course, is, why? Is joking about Bill O'Reilly now entirely out of bounds at Fox? Or, does Bill O'Reilly really have a personal stash of evergreen that he doesn't want the rest of the network to know about? Actually, it's probably just that so many of the Fox higher-ups
hate Bill so much and don't need any additional grief.

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