Thursday, February 5

"Then she made me play games I didn't want to play"

As Arnica sits in front of his record player the size of a couch, with his guitar in hand, trying to cop some licks from a record he has owned since 1984, he is struck by the deja vu-ishness of the whole thing. This could be 1984 if Arnica closed his eyes.

Arnica, having made the conscious decision to maintain a greasy complexion and fear of real females in the eighties, spent too much of his time sitting in front of record players with his guitar. More often than not, the record Arnica was trying to steal licks from was an AC/DC album. Tonight was no exception. Arnica is trying to learn the hook to, Baby Please Don't Go, a song written in 1935 by Big Joe Williams. Here is a video from 1974 of the AC/DC version. If you don't know why Arnica loves him some Bonn Scott, you will now.

This brings Arnica to the whole reason for this entry. The record Arnica is listening to is '74 Jailbreak. On side two, it has but two songs (remember those days when artists could get away with that?). The second song is, Baby Please Don't Go, But the first song is what Arnica considers to be AC/DC's second greatest song.* Soul Stipper is a seven minute song about being seduced by a seductress. This recording has Conga drums—No shit, actual Conga drums in an AC/DC song.

* The greatest AC/DC song is Squealer—a song about deflowering a virgin.

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Doug said...

I have never seen Bon in drag. What a freak! Love it