Sunday, March 1

Nothing more need be said

Nothing needing to be said has never stopped Arnica, so why start now.

Awesome! Wow! Yeah!

Long time readers of the Chords (both of you) will, undoubtedly, remember that Arnica is at war with Hannah Sucktanah over copyright and style infringements. It is too difficult to talk about without tearing up, so Arnica will spare you the details.


This child, while also being wise beyond his years, is very brave. A sign like that at a Hannah Satanah concert could be the catalyst to an ass-whooping by sparkle lip gloss wearing tweeners, the likes of which has never been witnessed by man, nor Disney executive.

Not sure what those crosses are for. Arnica can only hope they are an homage to the cover art of Metallica's most awesome album, Master of Puppets (1986)—an album that Arnica credits for shaping his, then emerging, and now current political view: War is bad, listen to speed metal instead. And Arnica hopes those crosses drawn on the sides aren't some sort of sucky, "I am Christian but i like Metallica," message. That would be sucky.

Metal Rulz! New Wave Drulz! and Jazz has too many notes!

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House of Brat said...

There's hope for the future...