Tuesday, April 7

Arnica is soooo confused.

Arnica loves him some Smashing Pumpkins. Starla is the best fucking song, ever. By that, Arnica means, it is the best song to fuck to. Try it. its twelve minutes long, which gives you eleven minutes to wash-up afterwards.

Arnica hates him some fake titty kah kahs.

So it is with mixed emotion that Arnica discovers that Billy Corgan is dating Tia Tequila. If you, correctly, responded, "who the hell is Tia Tequila?" You are on the path to righteousness. If you, incorrectly, responded, "Smashing Pumpkins suck," you are dead to Arnica.


Doug said...

Billy sucks Matt! What a total freak - great choice in ladies! Weak dude!

Arnica Montana said...

Who is this "matt" you speak of and, so what if billy sucks matt. I am sure matt likes it.