Monday, May 11

Nazis love Jello too.

Arnica's super cool uncle, Leon, was and still is a super nice guy. He is Arnica's father's older brother. Arnica is not sure of his exact age but if Arnica's dad is 74, then Uncle Leon must be at least 80. Arnica remembers fondly Uncle Leon's infectious laugh, his slow, smooth Kansan drawl and his smile that almost never left his face.

Arnica loves and adores uncle Leon for many reasons, two important reasons were that Leon was, for a short time, Arnica's scout master. Arnica was a scout for about as long as the gestation period of a raccoon, but Leon was one of the scout leaders that made the ordeal fun. Leon is also left handed. Growing up, Leon was the only other left handed person Arnica knew, at least he was the only grown-up left handed person Arnica ever knew.

Anyway, as the story goes, as told by Arnica's dad, Uncle Leon served in the military during World War 2, and had the extreme misfortune of spending a great deal of time (we are talking years) in a German concentration camp. Arnica can only avoid imagining what that must have been like. Arnica's father says that Leon was never the same after the war. To that Arnica wonders how awesome was uncle Leon before the war? Did he laugh even harder at dumb jokes? Did he show even more kids how to tie a hitch knot? Did he demonstrate better the right way to sharpen a knife? He must have been the best. Or maybe he was a jerk and came back an awesome guy.

It is with uncle Leon in mind that Arnica offers this bit of odd 'histoic' TV greatness. Maybe this is what real concentration camps were like during WWII. Is this what Leon did in Germany? You have no idea how much Arnica wishes and dreams that was the case.

Yea war!!!

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