Tuesday, May 12

Rap is back

Ask Arnica if he likes rap and be prepared to be nodding your head for a while. Arnica has himself some opinions about rap, and about whether or not rap is worth a ding-dong. Arnica was one of the first on the band wagon when it comes to rap. He has defended it against rockers who don't like it, old folks that don't get it, and white folks that don't want it. Arnica has opined for hours about how important Public Enemy was, how great NWA was, how influential Woo Tang was, how not sucky Will Smith was (ok, Arnica lost that argument most of the time), and how essential the Beasty Boys are.

But Arnica is done. He has heard one too many reference to items found in the Sears automotive department, and one too many descriptions of dicks pulling out of arses and being plopped on someone's back. There has been a void of good rap for quite some time. Outcast is one exception and Emenem is another. But the rest is crap.

But along comes this, which is apparently a loose cover of another rap song. Whatever. This is great, not just for the rap but for the performance. And if you know anything about Arnica's music taste, you know he gives extra points for good performances.

Enjoy. or don't.

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

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