Friday, May 15

The time has come...

for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Or in Arnica's case, the time has come for all wack-jobs (AKA Chords readers) to come to the aid of their head wack job.

The problem:
Arnica's profile views on his blog has hovered at about 860 for quite some time now. This is so despite Arnica's habit of viewing his profile every week in order to artificially bloat his numbers.

The solution:
You, oh wack-job loyal reader of TheChord, need to go and view Arnica's profile at least once a day. If both of you do that, the profile views count will go up and Arnica's very fragile ego will step back from the ledge and attempt to lead a normal life with only infrequent thoughts of suicide. Or you could tell more wack-jobs about this blog of wonderfulness... Nah! just bloat the numbers.

Thank you and good day.

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