Monday, May 18

well, at least the kid sucks at singing.

This video is great, not because some foreign kid is a guitar virtuoso, and is cute to boot. Fark that. This video is awesome for two reasons:

1. Crazy Train by Sir Lord and Master Ozzy Osbourne actually made it's way on the Ellen show.
2. A child, age nine, knows who Randy Rhodes is. that is amazing.

Randy Rhodes is not a big boobed left wing radio nut job. Randy Rhodes is the blond elfin guitar genius who saved Ozzy's life and career in 1981, and then promptly died in a super sucky plane crash at the age of too young. Back in the day, folks debated as to who was a better guitar player, him or Eddy VanHalen. Hands down, Eddy was/is better but Randy was great. He was classically trained, cute, shy, tiny and responsible for bringing Ozzy back from musical death.
Go buy Diary of a Mad Man and Blizzard of Oz if you don't believe Arnica.

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