Wednesday, June 17


What is it about fixed gear bikes that bugs Arnica so much? Glad you asked.

Fixies, as best as Arnica cares, are bikes with only one gear. Other types of fixies are bikes with one gear and no free-wheel—which means you cannot coast. Arnica does not like fixies, mostly, because of the people who ride them. Fixie riders are the snobs of the bike world. And the bikes they ride are the worst. Talk about riding something that will make you never want to ride a bike again—that's a fixie for you.

Fixie riders will lie and tell you that when you ride a fixie you feel more connected with the bike and with the road because you have to pedal at all time. Whatever. Arnica feels connected with the road when he crashes and hits the pavement with his head.

A bike is about freedom. A bike is about distance. A bike is about mobility. A bike is about fun. Anything that reduces the effect of any of those aforementioned items, is a fraud and a phony.

One last thing: on the last two big rides Arnica has ridden, and on many other rides, Arnica has seen (and passed) many fixies and their owners walking up hills that where just too hard to ride up for a fixie. A bike is to be ridden up hills, not walked. Get it straight, hipster asshole fixie rider.

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Doug said...

I couldn't agree more.