Monday, June 15

Weekend Wrap Wup

So, this weekend Arnica did three fun things. He did a big bike ride. He played some music, and he went to the dentist. One activity caused pain in Arnica's arse. One activity stopped pain in Arnica's mouth, and the other activity caused pain to the ears of all who were near.

On Friday, Arnica was 4 days into one of the worst tooth aches he has ever had. Actually, it was the first tooth ache he ever had. Arnica went to the DDS and let her do whatever the hell it is she does. An hour later, the pain was gone. The next day, Arnica participated in The Flying Wheels bike ride deal. 70 miles later, Arnica still can't sit down. On Sunday, Arnica could be found in Olympia at a block party playing bass with the Biscuit Rollers. Good food. No booze. Good times.

This image is from a ride earlier this year. Last Saturday, it was hot. No need for a red wool sweater.

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