Monday, March 23



Back story: During the 2004 election cycle, patron saint of the sane, Jon Stewart went on a CNN show called CrossFire. CrossFire was, supposedly, a show with one host taking the side of the right and the other taking the side of the left. The show was lame. Mostly it was lame because the show did what post political shows do; they took it easy and just talked about crap, ranted about nuance, and discuss non-important stuff. Rather than talk about candidate positions and their implications, they talked about what candidates needed to say in a speech to win a primary.

Jon Stewart came on the show and, as they say, carved them a new one. He laid into the hosts about how they were hurting America, and he asked them to 'stop'. One host said, "I thought you were going to be funny." to which, Jon responded, "I'm sorry, I'm not your lap dog." Jon was pissed and on a roll [if you have not seen it, you MUST youtube it. search for "jon stewart & crossfire").

Fast forward 5 years. CrossFire has been canceled for 5 years (yeah!). America's financial industry is down the crapper, and Jon Stewart has recently unleashed a can of Whoop-white-preppy-Ass on CNBC and Wall street punditry, in general. Well, guess who has an opinion about Jon Stewart? Tucker Carlson, the ex-host of CrossFire does, that's who. He wrote an article asking if Jon Stewart has gone too far. What? Ex-squeeze me?

Don't bother to read this fuck-tard's article. Just scroll down and read all the lovely comments.

This internuts thing might have a purpose after all—a purpose that doesn't involve videos of naked people and plastic beads, or say, two girls—one cup (ewwwwww!).

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House of Brat said...

OMG! Tucker Carlson was on DWTS? Yuck! Another reason I'm glad I don't watch that show. (I would never have recognized him without the bowtie.) Still a crybaby too since now he no longer has a prime time gig. Wah, wah, wah!